4 July 2019- The Spirit of 1776 demands a Proper Celebration, make it a Good One!

10 Feb 2019- The Cross- Special Ops Display coming soon!

21 Nov 2018- happy Thanksgiving! Say Hello & Follow via Twitter @yazsfi & The Label will send a new random unique 2018 follower a Bad-Ass gift! (USA only) Thank-you for the support! #usnc015

17 Nov 2017- Happy Thanksgiving! Send orders before Dec & shipping will be on us for USA orders!

6 Feb 2017- Please don't hesitate to email requests while the shop is not available for online purchasing. 

15 Dec 2016- Hopeful. 

16 June 2016- Creativity flowing! 

17 June 2015- The Label website is going to switch a to gallery site while we transition Overseas.  Thank-you for all the support & we look forward to serving our beautiful customers once again! 

28 May 2015- New Designs coming Soon!

8 May 2015- The Label is going across the Pond, More to Come!

13 April 2015- HappY Birthday Alli!

11 April 2015- Happy Birthday Rachel!

5 Mar 2015- Happy Birthday Mom!!!!

18 Feb 2015- Latest Ladies Hoodies coming soon! 

28 Jan 2015- Happy Birthday Leah, Help yourself to The Labels shelves! 

5 Jan 2015- The Label is Alive & moving Forward!

22 Dec 2014- Yeah, The Label is doing Good Heading into the New Year! Thanks to All for Supporting This Veteran Made Label!

12 Dec 2014- Working on New Ladies Hoodies, taking blank style & reverse engineering with Complete Military Functionality... Thanks for all the emails will respond as soon as the Label can, Live free! 

2 Dec 2014- The Label is cruising into the New Year... New Years Eve Celebration in the works!

19 Nov 2014- Thanks John P. for supporting & Taking a Chance on the The Label, Wont Let You Down!

11 Nov 2014- Have a Good Veterans Day, Brothers & Sisters-In-Arms! 

8 Nov 2014- The Label was contacted by The Military Times to be apart of the Holiday Gift Guide 2014, WhooYa! Thank-You for seeing the LOVE that is put into the Veteran Made Label, Jon & Amanda!

14 Oct 2014- Sew like the wind!

7 Oct 2014- Orders Shipped out with Tracking like A SOLDIER!

30 Sept 2014- Label designing a hoodie for 1st time marathoner... Cool!

26 Aug 2014- Screen-printing The Label Decks! Interesting puzzle dealing with concave...

23 July 2014- Black Heart Display at 99%, Loving the added ambiance!

8 July 2014- The Black Heart Display is at 90% completion, I've found the 10% sure does cause the most problems same in life... Keep on Roll-in.

19 June 2014- Happy to be able to renew The Label's website with Square Space, Thank You for Supporting Vets!

25 May 2014- Always cool running into an old friend which The Label hasn't seen in over decade!

23 May 2014- Have a Good Weekend Label Supporters & Thank-you for Supporting Vets!

9 May 2014- The Label is creating The Black Heart Display!

2 May 2014- The Label needs to start accepting Bitcoin as heard on the Joe Rogan Experience ep. #490

30 April 2014- Made it through another month of sewing & all fingers accounted for...

8 April 2014- Official, The Label's Ride is now HERE!

1 April 2014- The Label's 1963 Convertible, ON ITS WAY! What every American Shop Needs...

28 March 2014- Ladies Summer Line is Up, just Need Models for some Bad Ass Pics...

27 March 2014- Prepping Ladies Summer T's & Tanks! Messing Up Skate Decks, Like I'm Sponsored...

12 March 2014- The Label heading out to do some Serious BlackOut Bowling!

2 Feb 2014- Getting ready for Kick OFF! RIP- Philip Seymour Hoffman I have been entertained by your art while I do my... Take Care Beautiful Supporters! SEND The Label a tweet @yazsfi 1st, Never Won Anything From Label, to respond with "Long Live The Label"( with a wild pic of You), gets a piece of Label art & decals. Hurry this offer ends at 11:59pm- 2 Feb 2014...TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

-18 Jan 2014- Label is running smooth & on track with Shop plans! Thank You for Supporting this Vet which I hope to bring in more Vets as funds Grow! Long Live The Label...

20 Dec 2013- Christmas brings a calm to the Label, a time to Defrag the brain & just be Thankful! Long Live The Label!

29 Nov 2013- Nice Thanksgiving!

20 Nov 2013- Almost Done with screen-printing Hoodies just in time for Thanksgiving!

12 Nov 2013- Order #0001 Proudly Shipped Out! Long Live The Label... have you seen the look in the 70s? We will be just Fine!

4 Nov 2013- 1st Order! by a TSgt in the Air Force...Thank-You!!!!!

31 Oct 2013- Open for Business!

31 Oct 2013- Pushing to Open The Label Store Checkout Feature Tonight on Halloween!

25 Oct 2013- The Label is going to create Furniture like you have Never Seen Before! Functional Styling Pieces of Art that May Save Your SOUL...

15 Oct 2013- Screen-Printing Veteran Made Hoodies, email The Label to customize your own!

21 Sept 2013- Label Heater broke Down, tonight finalizingLong sleeve T's but rewired and BOOM, Up & Running! Shirts Complete...

10 Sept. 2013- Label Long Sleeve T's Done, Looking Good Day or Night!

28 Aug 2013- Due to Production & Shop Checkout Disabled, All orders directed to yazsfi@yahoo.com will save 10% & Free shipping(USA Only) with Tracking! Funds can be sent safely and securely via Paypal.com. Use Code Word- "TimeLine"

23 Aug 2013- Label Contest Winner: Daryl B Jones Prize Package mailed Out Today!

16 Aug 2013- The Label Contests are different in which We like to personalize the prizes and of course get The Label name Out! Follow on Twitter or Check this "TimeLine" for the NEXT CONTEST! Support Vets!

15 Aug 2013- Here is a Secret Phrase "The Veteran Made Label has Come ALIVE! at YazAreYouLiving.com" 1st to copy Phrase, Follow & Post on Twitter.com/@Yazsfi will receive a Gift from The Label. Be sure to Direct Message an U.S. Address once Following The Label!   Winner Daryl B. Jones! Label Top & $50Visa Card(He Loves SUMMER MOVIES)=Thanks for Supporting The Label! 

15 Aug 2013- In order to maintain Customer Privacy, The Label will receive purchases via PayPal.com

9 Aug 2013- Yeah! The Label is kicking Ass screen printing everything blank so don't leave ANYTHING  behind or it becomes New & Improved! Thanks for all the Emails & I am responding as quick as possible! Long Live The Label!!!!   

31 July 2013- I Appreciate all the questions about when the shop will officially open??? I'm Hustling but I can't give a specific date... I accept PayPal so feel free to email the Label for specific requests. Thank-you!

31 July 2013- Always Something! Screen Issue forced me to hand paint 1 T-shirt and create new screens...

-24 July 2013- Ladies Tanks DONE!  next up on the press Ladies T's...

 -16 July 2013 Label decals Arrive Today!

-July 2013 The Label's decals are at the press, Made in U.S.A!

 -July 2013 Holy Sh**, Everything has arrived & its time to go into production mode! The Shop link will be closed until I screen-print and sew the proper amount to go on sale. If you want a top exclusively send me an email & I'll JUMP right on it!

-June 2013- Calm before the STORM! Blank Apparel on its way which means The Label will be screen printing & sewing for 180 days... Wait, That will be ALL ME!




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